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Fast Facts with Vanilla Bean Paste in 3, 2, 1… Action!

What is Vanilla Bean Paste?

Vanilla Bean paste is the perfect blend of vanilla bean powder and vanilla bean extract! The black specs in desserts, such as Vanilla Bean ice cream, come from vanilla bean paste as one of the most important ingredients in the product is Pure Ground Vanilla Bean Powder.

How do I store Vanilla Bean Paste?

Vanilla paste can be stored for up to 3 years! It should be kept in a cool, dark place. Not refrigerator-cool, though! If it is refrigerated, the vanilla will spoil due to the container forming condensation. 

When to use Vanilla Bean Paste?

Vanilla bean paste is a pastry must have. It is great to use in pound cakes, crème brûlée, frostings, milkshakes, custards, and ice cream. Vanilla bean paste is a coffee favorite if you’re looking to sweeten up that cup o’ joe! 

What can Vanilla Bean Paste substitute?

Vanilla bean paste can substitute the vanilla trifecta: vanilla extract, vanilla beans, and vanilla powder. To replace vanilla extract, use an equal amount of vanilla bean paste. To replace a whole vanilla bean, use one tablespoon of vanilla bean paste. To replace one tablespoon of vanilla bean powder, use one tablespoon of vanilla bean paste. They don’t call vanilla bean paste a “Pantry Favorite” for nothing! 

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