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What type of jar should I use for extract vanilla?

What type of jar should I use for extract vanilla?

Use a clean glass jar with a tight-fitting lid when you make homemade vanilla extract. Choose a large clear glass container for your Mother Jar that you keep in a dark, cool place like your pantry and you can keep adding to over the years. Transfer the extract to a smaller amber glass jar which you can keep in your kitchen for daily use.

Clear glass is recommended because you can see what is happening inside. You need to check that the vanilla beans are fully submerged so they don’t start to rot, and you can gauge the readiness of the liquid by its colour. Pure vanilla extract should be dark brown with a golden, shimmering hue. The darker the colour, the stronger the vanilla flavour.

Amber glass is recommended for extract that you keep next to the stove or on your countertop for daily use. The amber glass provides UV protection, preventing sunlight that streams into your kitchen from speeding up the evaporation process and diluting the flavour and colour of the extract.


Mason jars are a great choice for your Mother Jar because they are perfectly designed to preserve foods. You can use one with a screw-top lid but most home bakers and cooks prefer a Mason jar with a steel clamp lid. The rubber ring on the underside of the top lid creates a vacuum seal, trapping in the vanilla goodness and keeping bacteria out. The steel clamp ensures the glass jar is airtight
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