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10 premium gourmet bourbon vanilla beans with an imported glass bottle from Italy. Easy to make homemade extract, just split the beans...

Here you can find the best quality vanilla gifts at great prices. There might be products in our vanilla beans and vanilla powder ranges that interest you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Vanilla so expensive?

One of the reasons why it is so expensive is that vanilla is hard to grow. It takes 2-4 years for the vanilla vines to fully mature. Their flowers only bloom for one day of the year and to produce beans, the flowers must be pollinated on that day.

Where can I buy vanilla gifts?

Native Vanilla offer special vanilla gifts. Go here to View our Gifts and Prices.

Is Vanilla a fruit?

Vanilla is the only fruit of the orchid family that is edible. There are an astonishing 150 varieties of vanilla plants and just like grapes that make wine there are no two vanilla beans that are the same in aroma, flavor, or color.

Is Vanilla safe?

Vanilla is likely safe when you take it by mouth in the amounts that are commonly found in foods. Side effects of vanilla include irritation and swelling upon skin contact. It can cause headaches and insomnia, especially in people who manufacture the vanilla extract.

Is Vanilla addictive?

Because of its active ingredient called vanilla acid, vanilla is addictive. When you eat natural vanilla it causes your body to release catecholamines.

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