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Vanilla Extracts & Flavors

Take Your Vanilla Flavor to the Next Level

Vanilla preference can be subjective but when creating a vanilla flavor, you should not specify origin, but rather the flavor profile you want. Basic flavor characters are used to describe vanilla, such as woody, fruity, chocolatey, creamy, floral and smoky. Flavor spectrums can range between dark & earthy and light & sweet.      

Our proprietary cold extraction process produces exquisite vanilla flavors. We formulate blends based on your food product designers' requirements or application.                          

Pure Vanilla Extracts

Pure Vanilla Extract is the gold standard to which other Vanilla Extracts and Flavors are measured against. They are mandated by FDA regulation to include 100 grams per liter of vanilla beans, have over 35% ABV and are barred from having many sweeteners, flavorings and preservatives.

As experts in vanilla extraction, we have the capability to produce blends using different origins or varieties, and can produce strengths ranging from a single fold to 10 fold and beyond. 

Whatever your application, we've got you covered

Sizes & Order Quantities

We offer all of our vanilla extracts and flavors in sizes ranging from 16 fl oz to 270 Gallons. No matter the application, we have the size and packaging suited for it.

What Makes Us Different


We have a unique Vanilla Extract or Flavor for each specific application.

All Natural

All of our unique Vanilla Extracts and Flavors are all natural.


Our proprietary cold extraction process produces exquisite Vanilla Extracts and Flavors.


Our team of experts will in advise and help select or formulate the perfect Vanilla Extract or Flavor for your exact application.


Regulatory Experience

We are experienced dealing with regulatory agencies and certification bodies and can assist with ensuring that your vanilla extract or flavor conforms to any certifications you may require.

Customer Service

We strive to provide the highest level of customer service possible, whether you are looking for an off the shelf flavor or are looking to formulate a unique flavor for a new product, we've got you covered.

About Native Vanilla

Native Vanilla manufactures naturally farmed, sustainably sourced high quality vanilla products and flavors for retail, industrial and private label industries.

We strive to minimize intermediaries wherever possible to provide our customers with true Farm-to-Table products.

Our products are enjoyed by consumers and the food industry for their unparalleled flavor.

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