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About Us

Who We Are

Native Vanilla manufactures naturally farmed, sustainably sourced high quality vanilla products and flavors for retail, industrial and private label industries.

We strive to minimize intermediaries wherever possible to provide our customers with true Farm-to-Table products.

Our products are enjoyed by consumers and the food industry for their unparalleled flavor. 


Our Story Begins




Countries we distribute to


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Farmers we work with

Our Founding Principles

  • We believe in making delicious products and flavors from fruit and vegetables and natural flavors. 
  • We strive to use organic material as much as possible with little or no preservatives.
  • We craft our own products. We make them fresh, onsite and often by hand. 
  • We source ingredients directly from the farmer when possible. This ensures the best price for the farmer.
  • We listen to our customers and believe they are always right.

From Humble Beginnings



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