Our Passion for Fair Trade Vanilla and the Farming Communities Who Grow It

Native Vanilla is not about charity, it’s about empowering transformation in communities. Our mission? With the principles and practices of Fair Trade guiding us, we bring organically farmed, sustainably sourced, top-quality vanilla right to your home. Our products include vanilla gifts and vanilla powder.


What is Fair Trade?

In a nutshell, Fair Trade guarantees that farmers receive a competitive price, which helps stabilize their businesses and communities. Fair Trade means that workers are paid above average rates and that farms use sustainable practices such as shade growing, organic fertilizing, chemical-free pest control, and erosion prevention. In short, quality for the consumer, a fair price for the farmer, and a commitment to growing practices that are Mother Earth friendly.

We are also a company that is passionate about people. Native Vanilla does more than bring you Fair trade, top-quality vanilla pods and products; we, along with you when you make an online purchase of our vanilla, participate in improving communities, as well.

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