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First, let’s talk about Vanilla. Who here doesn’t love it? Exactly. Which is why vanilla is the world’s most popular flavor. In fact, there’s hardly a baking recipe in existence that does not call for this flavorful ingredient. Tahitian vanilla beans, vanilla powder, vanilla bean extract and this list goes on!  While there are also hundreds of uses beyond baking, such as a sweetener in coffee or an ingredient in brewing beer -there are probably more uses for this fabulous flavor that we’ve yet to discover. 


Now, where does vanilla come from?  

From us, of course, Native Vanilla, purveyors of the finest vanilla products on the planet! That’s why you’re here, right?  In addition to the reputation we've earned as an importer of the world’s finest vanilla beans, powder, and extract, there’s much more to Native Vanilla than that.

First, we make it easy for you to buy vanilla.  Cultivating vanilla is not easy; it takes time, hard work, commitment, and not just a little love. 

The Orchid plant from which vanilla is harvested does well in only a few of the world’s climates and does not even start producing vanilla beans until its three years old. Once the beans have been harvested, cured, and conditioned, they’re then graded on color, length, “wholesomeness of appearance,” and moisture content.  But Native Vanilla takes care of all that. All you need to do is visit our site in the comfort of your home and purchase your vanilla online.  It’s that easy.

Second, Native Vanilla is a company that’s passionate about more than growing and importing the world’s finest vanilla products. We’re passionate about people, and our planet, too.

Here’s how. When you purchase one of our vanilla products – whether bean pods, powder, or extract – you’re supporting our village growing cooperatives in Papua New Guinea. Our farmers need your support.  You’re also helping Mother Earth. That’s because all of our vanilla products are grown according to sustainable agriculture practices. Our farmers use only organic compost and never any pesticides. Buy from Native Vanilla and you can be sure that you’re getting a product that is truly organic… not to mention, tasty.

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