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Vanilla Symposium Offers Hope to Future of Vanilla Production

Native Vanilla Attends 11th Bi-annual Symposium on Vanilla & Vanillin in Moshi, Tanzania 

Native Vanilla is proud to announce its participation in the 11th Bi-annual Symposium on Vanilla & Vanillin in Moshi, Tanzania, which focused on the future of vanilla and vanillin. By contributing to this symposium Nov. 5-7, 2019, Native Vanilla had the opportunity to discuss the growing importance of supporting Tanzania, Uganda, and neighboring countries in the vanilla industry as well as farmers and producers in these areas.  

Due to the increase in price and decrease in quality of cured beans, vanilla has become a commodity that many do not have proper access to. During the symposium, more than 100 people from around the world got together to collaborate on topics including the instability of vanilla production and supply, the remedy to the issue, promises and challenges in vanilla production in various global regions, prospects for vanilla production in new regions, and new methods for the production and curing of vanilla beans.

Native Vanilla is dedicated to exceptional quality, sustainably-sourced, and naturally grown vanilla products and takes every opportunity as an organization to improve the standards to which vanilla is produced and distributed. Native Vanilla looks forward to future opportunities such as the Vanilla and Vanillin Symposium to continue to create a world of good, for vanilla products and beyond.
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