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Vanilla Extract Calculator!

Want to know how much alcohol or vanilla beans you need for to make vanilla extract? Check out our simple use vanilla extract calculator. Here you can calculate the amount of alcohol or vanilla beans you need to make vanilla extract. It is as easy as that.

Option 1 - Set the amount of alcohol you have and the vanilla extract calculator will tell you how many ounces of vanilla bean you need.

Option 2 - Set the amount of vanilla beans you have and the vanilla extract calculator will tell you how many fl oz of alcohol you will need.


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  • This is really cool and will be very helpful to many people. *One suggestion to make it even more helpful – I would add a brief description noting this is for a “single fold” ratio of beans to vanilla, and depending on which calculator folks are using they can simply halve the amount of alcohol (if they have a set number of beans) or double the number of beans (if they have a particular volume of alcohol in mind) to make a more potent “double fold” extract.

  • for dummies like me – how much does one bean weigh?

    linda gregory
  • This is pretty darn neat!
    Thank you for adding this feature!

    Jennifer Caldwell

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