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3 Ways to Repurpose Your Used Vanilla Bean Pods

Concentrated in flavor and aroma, the seeds located inside the innermost pulp of a vanilla bean are the most coveted part of the plant. After this part is scraped out, most will discard of the vanilla pod, ignoring the many ways in which these could’ve still been used.

So what exactly do vanilla pods bring to the table?

Much like the seeds inside the bean, leftover vanilla pods can be a truly great source of aroma and flavor. The catch is that to get the most out of the them, it is necessary to extract the pod’s water-soluble compounds. So here are a few ways to take advantage of your spent vanilla pods: 

Flavored Coffee and Tea

Who doesn’t love a hint of vanilla in their coffee or tea? Dry out your leftover vanilla beans until they are frail and crisp and grind them with your coffee beans or coffee grounds.

This mixture truly makes for a killer combo and you won’t want to miss out on this brew! Alternatively, if your everyday morning drink of choice is tea, simply steep the used pod in, add some honey and enjoy!

Bath Salts

This next combination is bound to take your stress away. Simply chop up spend vanilla bean pods and mix them with epsom salts. This mixture makes for a wildly calming scent that you’ll love on a self-care kind of night.

Tip: Add a splash of Native Vanilla extract for an even more acutely relaxing aroma.

Fruity Desserts

Lastly, use your leftover vanilla pods in making easy, healthy fruit dishes. Simply toss the pod into a pot filled with your fruit of choice and remove it when you’ve reached your ideal level of vanilla flavor. What you’ll end up with is a creamy glaze of your favorite fruit with an unbeatable aromatic presence.

Tip: Try this while making roasted strawberries, lemon syrup or homemade applesauce.

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