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Take your taste buds on a culinary adventure with Tahitensis Vanilla

I want to tell you about one of the best meals of my life.

Its star ingredient? The seed pods from Native Vanilla.

At first, it was the smell that drew me in. Floral, woody and exotic notes of fruit and caramel drifting in behind the intoxicating scent of pure vanilla. But it wasn’t the smell of cookies or dessert. It was from the perfectly poached portion of fish, simmering away in a silky Tahitian vanilla cream sauce. And then there was the aroma from an incredible vanilla-infused salad dressing, generously splashed on top of a crunchy, crisp salad, laden with berries and citrus fruits. That meal blew me away.

Turns out the taste I had been craving for so long was a return to the simplicity and joyful childhood memories associated with vanilla… elevated to suit my more mature palate.

So why is Tahitensis Vanilla so much better to cook with?

Vanilla in everything from ice cream and cookies to candles and toilet spray. Unfortunately, the flavor most of us know as “vanilla” is often not real vanilla at all. It’s usually a cheap synthetic version, made from the compounds extracted from wood offcuts.

It’s always a coin toss with these inferior “vanillas” — they’re either sickly sweet and overpowering, or completely bland and underwhelming.

Tahitensis vanilla has an incredibly subtle and complex flavor profile. And it’s infinitely more versatile than the Madagascan/Bourbon variety. It is the go-to variety for Michelin Star Chefs and Pastry Masters. Its unique flavor can enhance the worlds of both savory and sweet food. And it’s sheer heaven with seafood.

Try it yourself by flavoring half of a recipe of sugar cookies with Madagascar vanilla and the other half with Tahitensis vanilla. You will immediately taste the difference and never look back.

The evolution of flavor

Tahitensis vanilla is a result of the cross-pollination of two other plants: Vanilla Planifolia (the original Mexican variety, now most commonly associated with Madagascar) and a species called Vanilla Odorata.

It was taken by the French to their colonies in Polynesia, including Tahiti, where it gets its name. Since then, the plant has been cultivated in many tropical regions, including Papua New Guinea.

Vanilla Tahitensis is culinarily superior to other vanillas because it contains heliotropin. This is the flavor compound that blesses Tahitensis Vanilla with its exotic flavors. It also doesn’t contain as much vanillin (the compound that produces the distinct flavor of vanilla) as the Madagascan variety, so you don’t have to worry about its buttery and potentially overwhelming taste.

Our premium variety still has the unmistakable taste of vanilla as its base, but it is tempered with subtle fruity, floral, woody and caramel notes… a true adventure for your taste buds.

Another reason our Vanilla is of such good quality is that of where it grows. True connoisseurs think that our product is even better than its Tahitian ancestors. This makes sense because all foods change depending on where they grow. The vanilla grown by our friends in Papua New Guinea has been enhanced by the soil and spirit of these incredible people, resulting in a flavor that is as uniquely beautiful as the island itself.

Take your food to the next level

Our Vanilla is wild, mysterious and exotic; yet familiar enough to make you feel right at home.

It packs a knockout aroma and heavyweight flavor.

The thousands of tiny black sees in each pod also impart visual appeal to your culinary creation, along with their gorgeous caramel coloring.

Best still, all our vanilla is ethically sourced and fair traded, so you can enjoy the flavor of vanilla, safe in the knowledge that you are also empowering and transforming communities!

Here are some other ingredients, food, desserts and beverages that really sing when you add our vanilla:

  • fish (especially ocean-dwelling game fish like dorado)
  • shellfish and lobster
  • glazes for poultry, pork and rabbit
  • salad dressing (especially great for salads with citrus or other fruits)
  • soups
  • marinades
  • sweet potato salad
  • confectionary
  • crème brûlée
  • crème anglaise
  • cakes
  • cookies
  • ice cream
  • puddings
  • custards
  • pastries
  • french toast
  • scones
  • hot chocolate
  • iced tea
  • smoothies
  • shakes
  • yoghurt
  • mojitos
  • sangria
  • cream soda floats
  • amaretto sours

So, if you’re looking to satisfy your hunger for something new, check out our range of products.

Native Vanilla will be your new secret ingredient — your go-to when you really want to show off and come up with something special.

We guarantee your taste buds will thank you!

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