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South America is not traditionally a major producer of vanilla beans, with the majority of the world's supply coming from Madagascar, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, and other tropical regions. However, there are some countries in South America that do produce vanilla beans, including Brazil, Peru, and Ecuador.

In Brazil, vanilla is primarily grown in the state of Bahia, where it is known for its sweet and floral aroma. The country has been increasing its vanilla production in recent years, but it still accounts for a relatively small percentage of the world's supply. However there are some very unique varieties of vanilla being grown in Brazil such as Cribbiana, Pompona and Bahaina.  The Bahaina orchid is indigenous to Brazil.

Ecuador is another country in South America that produces vanilla beans. The country is particularly known for its Tahitensis vanilla, which is grown in the coastal regions of Esmeraldas and Manabí. Ecuadorian vanilla has a rich, creamy flavor with notes of chocolate and spice.

Overall, South America is not a major producer of vanilla beans, but there are some countries in the region that do grow and export the spice. The unique flavors and qualities of South American vanilla can be a great addition to the global market.

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