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Extracts & Gourmet Baking with Native Vanilla


This group is a community of vanilla bean enthusiasts! If you love making vanilla extract, bake or cook with vanilla, or are just plain Vanilla Crazy, this community is for you.

When joining, you get FIRST access to special deals, limited time vanilla beans from around the world and a wealth of knowledge.

Are you newbie to vanilla extract making? Are you an expert? Not sure? We got you covered. This group is about sharing ideas and helping each other learn.

Vanilla from Around the World

Because our Community has asked for it, we are offering Vanilla Beans not only from PNG (where we began) but all over the world!

By joining, you will be the first to know when we start to offer each new type of Vanilla Bean!

You can expect to see Vanilla Beans from places like:

  • Uganda
  • Madagascar
  •  Mexico
  • Indonesia
  • Papua New Guinea
  • Tahiti
  • Ecuador
  • Sri Lanka
  • And Many More!
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