How to make vanilla extract
How to make vanilla extract

You can’t call yourself a true foodie if you don’t have a bottle of homemade Native Vanilla extract in your kitchen. It’s Nectar of the Gods — the concentrated heart of our famous superior-quality vanilla tahitensis.

Your homemade vanilla extract is guaranteed to be the secret ingredient that will put your baking on par with Michelin Star restaurants. It also makes for the most perfect, thoughtful and unique vanilla gift. The good news is that it’s super easy to learn how to make vanilla extract with our extract vanilla beans. We also supply other products, such as vanilla powder.

All you need is some of our Native Vanilla pods, a bottle of alcohol and patience.

Trust us. The results are worth the wait.

Making vanilla extract with rum or bourbon is a great option if you’re after a more smokey or sweet taste, respectively. But we’ve experimented on your behalf and found that vodka is king when it comes to making vanilla extract. Only vodka has a clean, complementary taste that allows the vanilla flavor to shine through. You don’t need the top shelf vodka either; even the cheapest brand will do. Don’t worry if you don’t like the taste of vodka because the alcohol will burn off when cooking/baking.


The standard ratio is 6 vanilla beans per 8 ounces of vodka. If you would like a stronger vanilla flavor (what pastry chefs call double-fold extract), then feel free to add 2–4 extra beans.


And if you’d like to add some true native vanilla flair to your sumptuous extract, download and apply our FREE labels.

Download Label – 2in x 3in


How to make Vanilla Extract:

Step 1 — Clean your bottle

Wash your bottle with mild soapy water, rinse, then carefully swirl with boiling water to sanitize.

Step 2 — Prepare your vanilla

Split the vanilla beans in half to expose the seeds. Kitchen scissors make this process clean and simple. You can also cut the pods in half/thirds to fit your bottle, if necessary. Add the split beans to the bottle you will be using for the extract.

Step 3 — Add the vodka

Pour the vodka over, making sure the beans are completely covered. Store in a cool, dark place and shake the bottle once a week.

Step 4 — Wait a minimum of 8 weeks

Please note that your vanilla extract will not be ready to use immediately. The vanilla beans need time to soak and release their flavor into the alcohol. Like a fine wine, the extract will enhance and mature with age and color will change to a golden-brown. For best results, wait 3 months.

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How to make vanilla extract | 4-Step Guide