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  1. Deodorize your microwave

Is the smell of your lunch lingering around in the microwave? That’s nothing a little vanilla extract can’t help! Pour a teaspoon of Native Vanilla Extract in a microwave safe bowl. Microwave for 30 seconds on high. Let it sit for 60 seconds and then proceed to microwave for a final 30 seconds. Ah, a sweet smell at last! 

  1. Spice up your potpourri 

If the smell of your potpourri is starting to fade, give it a fresh boost with Native Vanilla Extract! A splash of this heavenly goodness will have your potpourri smelling as good as new in no time. 

  1. Freshen up your refrigerator  

We all know a refrigerator’s smell can quickly turn sour. Pour a generous amount of Native Vanilla Extract onto a water-soaked cloth. Empty your refrigerator and use the cloth to wipe down every surface within. The new clean aroma will surely bring a sigh of relief and a radiant smile. 

  1. Remove sticky residues 

Stickers and tape are notorious for leaving behind unwanted sticky marks. Add a splash of vanilla extract to a wash cloth and simply wipe those stubborn marks away! 

  1. Cool down a burn 

There are too many ways to accidentally burn yourself, but one effective way to cool it down! Soak a cotton ball in Native Vanilla Extract and gently press it onto a burn. The evaporation of alcohol in vanilla extract will cool down the burn and have it feeling better in a flash.   

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