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Unconventional yet practical uses for vanilla

Unconventional yet practical uses for vanilla -- There are many alternative uses for vanilla other than cooking or baking that incorporate its delicious smell! Here are a few of them: 

Traditionally, vanilla has been used in the kitchen as a delicious ingredient in many recipes, from cookies to beer, but did you know that there are many ways vanilla can be used around your home? When we think of vanilla, we think of a tasty addition to any great recipe, we never think of a lightbulb. Perhaps after reading this article, you will be motivated to explore the true flexibility of vanilla inside and outside of your kitchen. 

  1. Is your fridge smelling foul even after cleaning it? Try vanilla! 

We have all been there; you forgot a banana in the back of the fridge, and now your entire fridge and all of its contents smell like rotten fruit. Even after removing all the contents and scrubbing your fridge from top to bottom, everytime you open those doors you are reminded of your mistake. Next time this happens in your kitchen, try vanilla! 

Vanilla extract may not be your first thought, but it could save you. The sweet yet airy smell of vanilla covers the odor of your fridge without replacing it with another headache inducing stench. All you need to do is take a towel, dab a small amount of vanilla extract onto it, and wipe down your fridge once. Just be sure not to use too much; vanilla boasts a strong smell, and you do not want to over do it. To prolong this fresh smell even after a disaster, take a cotton ball and soak it in vanilla extract. Leave the cotton ball in the door of your fridge for a fresh breath of vanilla scent everytime you go to grab a snack. 

  1. Does your microwave harbor a musky smell? Try vanilla! 

The microwave houses the power to heat up almost any food in a surprisingly short amount of time. However, with this power also brings a downfall; the smells of all these delicious foods can stay trapped inside for months. Reheating some leftover fish from last night sounds like a great lunch, but you may not think so next time you open your microwave and the entire kitchen is drowned in the smell. Even longtime lovers of vanilla may realize its own power to save the day, and your nose. 

A steady hand is a must for this hack! Take a microwave safe bowl and pour in a few drops of vanilla extract. Place it in the microwave on high for one minute, open it, and admire the beauty of vanilla. Now, your microwave is ready for use again, and your kitchen will be filled with the sweet smell of vanilla.

  1. Have you ever been distracted and grabbed a hot pan? Try vanilla! 

Minor burns are an almost weekly burden of a true chef or baker, and the strong pain of such a mishap is immediate. Cooking with a full house is a task for a multitasker, but even the most experienced of us have run into this pain. Especially around the holidays, you will be balancing a lot, so grabbing a hot pan or skimming the stove with your finger is a prominent danger. Less severe burns can, and often are treated at home, but remember that if your burn is more serious, seek medical assistance. Otherwise, seek the assistance of vanilla in the comfort and convenience of your own kitchen. 

In the case of a minor burn, grab some vanilla extract. Apply it generously to the area of the burn, and feel as its strength removes your pain in no time. The science behind the healing of vanilla is found in its alcohol content. The evaporation of alcohol in the vanilla extract cools the burn, and soon you will be back to being a superhero in the kitchen. 

  1. Are you repainting, but hate the strong smell of paint? Try vanilla! 

At first, the smell of fresh paint can be refreshing and feels like a new start, but after repainting your master bedroom, your head will swirl with the vapor. Even if you love the newness of paint, the odor is very strong and will quickly make you feel lightheaded. Painting requires a ventilated area to avoid more serious damage to your overall health, but what if you could make the smell a little more tolerable? And what if you could do that with a product that is already in your home? The answer is vanilla. 

To neutralize the unpleasantly strong smell of paint, all you need is one tablespoon of vanilla extract. Mix it into your freshly opened paint, and now your entire house will smell like vanilla, instead of the stench of fresh paint. The sweet smell of vanilla will neutralize the paint odor, and make this job much more pleasant, at least on your head. 

  1. Are your in-laws coming for the holidays and you want to impress them? Try vanilla! 

It’s that time of year again; your in-laws are coming in town for the holidays, and when they enter your home, they will most likely be criticizing every aspect of your meticulously cleaned house. Make sure they have nothing to gossip about, at least the way your house smells. With this technique, they will be blown away by the sweet aroma of your home, and you can thank vanilla. Fun fact, this technique is often utilized by realtors when showing houses, so take their expertise, and try it out! 

Simply find a lamp that is in a central location. It is very important to turn off your lamp before proceeding. Carefully place a couple drops of vanilla extract on the lightbulb, and clean away the mess gravity has caused. Then, just turn on your lamp, and before long, you and your in-laws will be greeted by the delicious aroma of vanilla. This hands-off hack will ensure the satisfaction of all kinds of guests without taking up too much time.

  1. Have you been trapped into a family camping trip? Try vanilla! 

If you are not a big fan of camping trips, there are many reasons why. It may be due to the lack of air conditioning out in the wilderness. Or, it may be because of the incessant knowledge that outside a thin layer of cloth lies all kinds of dangerous creatures who have been lured to your camping grounds from the smell of hamburgers. Unfortunately, vanilla cannot help with these situations, but it can certainly save from some smaller creatures; the bugs that will find their way into your tent and under your sleeping bag. 

As it turns out, bugs hate the smell of vanilla, and so some extract can be used as a substitute to chemical repellents. Instead of drowning your skin and clothes in harmful, bad smelling bug repellents, pack some vanilla extract instead. Simply dilute a tablespoon of vanilla extract with one cup of water. Take a towel, drench it in the concoction, and wipe the mixture on your exposed skin. Now, you are safe from bugs and you smell amazing! 

  1. Now you’re wondering, where can I buy this miraculous substance? Try Native Vanilla! 

Despite the diversity of all of these hacks, there is one thing they have in common vanilla! Try one or all of these hacks with the aid of our naturally grown, sustainably sourced Native Vanilla Extract. If you’re feeling a little adventurous and want to make your own, go to our product page to learn how to take our Native Vanilla pods and turn them into vanilla extract.

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