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Self-Care Benefits of Vanilla

2020 was a stressful time for us all, and not many of us had time to prioritize our mental health. In acknowledgement of the New Year, make self-care a part of your New Year’s resolutions and incorporate it into your everyday life with Native Vanilla products! Visit our Recipes page to see some yummy recipes to relax with on the weekend and deliver to family and friends. And see below how you can make Native Vanilla products part of your self-care routine. 


  1. Vanilla soothes the effects of a burn acquired from hours in the kitchen. 

The holidays are the time spent mostly in the kitchen, serving friends and family who are in town for this joyous time of year. However, your hours spent in the kitchen are far from over because the holidays may be coming to a close but you still need to eat! Your New Year’s resolution may be a new diet plan, but that does not stop the cravings. Without a doubt, during all this time, you or a family member will inherently lean too close to the stove or forget the oven mitts and you may suffer from a burn! The solution to your pain and trepidations are closer than you think. 

Instead of ambling over to the bathroom for an ointment packed with ingredients you cannot pronounce, try some vanilla extract. Apply vanilla extract to the area of the burn before applying a bandage and feel its healing nature relieve your pain. Remember, if your burn does not heal in a few days, or the pain does not subside, please call your doctor! Until then, find out for yourself the benefits of vanilla.

  1. Vanilla can temporarily relieve the pain of a toothache that’s keeping you up at night. 

This time of year is symbolized by tons and tons of baked goods, from your child’s Christmas party to a neighborly gift from the Johnson’s. Regardless, all of us gain weight during this time, and that is not the only side effect of sugar consumption! Keeping your teeth clean every morning and night is important, but sometimes those pesky toothaches are unavoidable. Enjoy yourself and do not worry about those toothaches as long as you have Native Vanilla extract on your bedside table. 

When suffering from a toothache, the pain of which is mostly felt in the evenings, keep a bottle of vanilla extract nearby. All you need to do is grab a cotton ball, dip it in the vanilla extract, and apply to the affected area and tooth. Not only that, but now you can enjoy the sweet smell and taste of vanilla all night long! 

  1. Vanilla reduces swelling and bruises. 

Sometimes, we look down at our leg after a long day and think “where in the world did I get that bruise?” Other times, your child may come home from soccer practice complaining of a swollen shin where their opponent accidentally kicked them. Although these are not severe instances, those bumps and bruises can hurt and they stick around for much longer than we would like! So next time you notice a mysterious bruise or your child was just too rowdy while wrestling with the dog, reach for your vanilla extract. 

Fix that painful area with some vanilla extract! Apply some directly to the area and sit back while you feel the pain ebb away. This way, you can continue along your day without worrying about the pain, and you will be followed by the delicious smell of vanilla. And, if your child is the victim, they will not complain about a bad smelling cream! 

  1. And finally, make pure vanilla your new signature scent! 

Vanilla is perhaps known for not only being a versatile ingredient in the kitchen, but it also boasts a strong, sweet smell. The same smell as an overpriced perfume that you have to keep buying to maintain an aura of esteem. Next time you are at the store and reach to buy another perfume that will just clutter your bathroom counter, think of vanilla extract, that is probably already in your kitchen cabinet! 

Simply dab some vanilla extract behind your ears and on your wrists and you will be known for having a unique and delicious scent. People may even come up and compliment you, asking which expensive perfume you sprayed on that morning. Instead of advertising an overpriced perfume, just tell them to try out vanilla extract themselves!

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