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Free shipping within the continental U.S. Product features • Grade A Bourbon Vanilla Beans 7-8 inches long• NV...

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Product features

• Grade A Bourbon Vanilla Beans 7-8 inches long
• NV Reserve Vanilla Beans are the highest quality vanilla beans
• Our vanilla pods are plump, oily, black/dark brown, and contain 30-35% moisture
• Perfect in baked goods, cheesecakes, custards, crème brulee, ice cream and sweet breads
• Ethically sourced and grown by micro-farmer cooperative
• Hand selected with the finest curing process and vacuum sealed for freshness

The Different Uses and Varieties of Bourbon Vanilla Beans

Bourbon Vanilla is a generic term for Vanilla Planifolia and is the variety of vanilla most commonly used for producing vanilla extract. Vanilla Planifolia stock originated in Mexico, vanilla’s birthplace, but cuttings were taken to other tropical regions in the 1700s. This type of vanilla is ideal for use in baking, as well as desserts such as ice cream and crème brulee. In the 1800s, the French developed large plantations on the Bourbon Islands (now called Reunion) off the coast of Madagascar, hence the name Bourbon Vanilla. The name has no relation to Bourbon alcohol.

Why Choose Native Vanilla for Ethically Sourced Vanilla Beans

We hope you get as much satisfaction from this ground vanilla powder in your recipes as we do in bringing it to you. Native Vanilla is about a lot more than vanilla. We are a company that is passionate about helping people. We strive to improve communities in Papua New Guinea by providing training and resources to micro-farmers. Then they can raise the yield and quality of their crop thereby improving their financial security. Native Vanilla is focused on, assisting around 400 micro-farmers, with plans to double that number within a year.  When you purchase Native Vanilla products remember this; you’re not only getting the world’s finest vanilla; you’re also doing a world of good.

Vanilla Facts

  • Nearly 30% of Americans choose vanilla as their No. 1 ice cream flavor.
  • Only the Melipona bee, found in Central America, can pollinate vanilla. In other parts of the world, humans replicate the process using a wooden needle.
  • The flower that produces the vanilla bean lives for only one day.
  • Vanilla beans are hand-picked and then cured, wrapped, and dried in a process that can take between four and six months.
  • Vanilla vines grow 30-50 ft tall, supported by a host tree or posts.


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Sandra C.
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Vanilla Extract

I’ve yet to use the beams, but just got my vodka today so production will begin soon......then once made, it needs to sit for 3 months and it is then that I’ll know just how good the beams are.

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